As we quickly reach the milestone of 100 chapters.

I just want to thank everybody for making this story into a really brilliant bit of co-operative storytelling.

Chapter 99 is currently in the works by Starling and I would like to request that people please hold out for a little while as chapter 100 is written by crusay. We want to do a chapter to celebrate the 100th chapter and it may take a little while to do so.

In the meantime, work is still ongoing with compilating the book form of the blog, so if you want to get any artwork for chapters into that, please feel free to submit those too!

Another thing you may feel like doing, and which may be fun for everyone, is that there is a number of side stories that could definitely flesh out peoples characters a bit more. Rather than just constantly having masssive plot revelations and dramatically shifting events, why not show us the calmer times for your characters?

Really looking forward to seeing what the community does as we turn this corner into the next stage of the story.

And remember, Home is where the heart is.

~ pseudomuse

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